Internet Protocol Version 6 - An Introduction

Jim Jackson <>

A talk given to the University of Leeds Network Special Interest group
giving an introduction to IPv6 technology,
and an overview of the UoL IPv6 Pilot Service


In the first half of 2006, I setup an IPv6 trial network at the University of Leeds. The trial was to try out IPv6 technology and build up in house knowledge in the Network Devlopment team of ISS. Drawing on the trial experience an IPv6 deployment strategy for the University was approved in August/September 2006.

An added objective of the IPv6 project was to inform the wider computing community within the University about IPv6 technology, and about the IPv6 deployment strategy. This talk is a modified version of a talk given to an open meeting of the University of Leeds NetSIG group in Spetember 2006.


Jim Jackson     <>


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