100 things to do with a VPN server

Jim Jackson <jj@franjam.org.uk>

Deployment and uses of a VPN server for home and wireless access
Talk given at UKUUG Linux2004 Conference


I run a wired switched 100M ethernet to the desktop network, with gigabit core, for our computing department, and some professors were pushing like mad for a downgrade to shared 11M insecure wireless networking for their laptops that they quite happily plug into the mains - go figure!

I needed security, didn't trust WEP, and anyway wanted a fairly idiot proof solution - and managing WEP keys doesn't cut it. Also under pressure to provide authenticated access to departmental LAN for students and there were a couple of minor reasons to provide VPN for people working from home. Then I had that Eureka moment - do it all using ONE VPN service.

This talk describes the implementation of the VPN service using OpenSource software on a Linux platform, and how we developed the service to provide a secure wireless network, and secure student access. Oh did I mention idiot proof? Senior Profs up and running under own steam in 10 mins - QED.


Jim Jackson     <jj@franjam.org.uk>

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