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I enjoyed 15 years working in the University of Leeds, School of Computing's Computing and Technical Support team as the networking guy, and doing lots of good networking and Linux stuff.

I retired in late 2005 and am enjoying some free time.

From 2006-2009 I worked one day a week as a Networking Consultant for the networking support team of University of Leeds.

So what keeps me busy in my retirement?

  • the Organic Garden - a third of an acre. Special interests in fruit growing and vegetables.
    I am an Orchard Mentor with the Orchard Project
    I am a member of H.D.R.A. the Organic Gardening Research organisation, and
  • Friends of Middleton Park - I am an active member of the friends. Helping out with events in the park. I am especially interested in the early mining history, and often lead history walks.
  • Archaeology - I am an assistant leader for Leeds Young Archaelogist Club, which meets at Middleton Park, and am a member of South Leeds Archaeology, and Council for British Archaeology Yorkshire.
  • Natural History - bird watching and an interest in insects/spiders and photography.
  • Linux - Co-founder and member for the West Yorks Linux User Group (WYLUG).
    I was the main meeting organiser for the first 7 years of WYLUG's existance, but have now taken a back seat.
  • Programming - lots of stuff though I rarely get round to getting it in sufficiently good shape to "release".
    I've released the SIGGEN suite of programs, and
    a few applications for the TS7200 embedded ARM board.
    As a result of the TS7200 work, I have helped a project at the Earth and Environment dept. of the University by writing software to interface to various measuring peripherals used in weather stations. It was Fascinating work.
    I've been playing with the RaspberryPI, and doing some I2C interfacing work.
    I might have time to get more software in a state for release.
    Here's my general Linux Page.
  • Electronics - embedded, radio, audio, control and alternative power stuff.
  • Cycling and Walking - I'm a life member of the YHA.
  • Community Activism - was a school governor for 20 years but have given up in frustration at the increased workload and changes in the role of governors.
    I am a member of the Campaign for State Education.
    I used to be a member of the Labour Party until it became "New Labour" and stopped even having any pretence at being socialist.
    I was then a member of the Socialist Alliance - now defunct.
    I think it's about time I stopped joining political parties and jinxing them :-).
  • Family - 'nuff said :-) - Two Children, both now left home, two wonderful grandchildren, 19 and 12.

Never seem to get bored. I'm in the permanent process of constructing some stuff on this web site that may be of general interest - see the index to the left.

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